How do wigs wear? If it is short hair is hair extensions uk so simple, straight up the set, wrap the whole head, and hair extensions uk then comb about playing on the OK, if it is in hair extensions uk the hair, long hair, you can put their hair up, hair can be more Beam a few clusters, and hair extensions online then anti-up with clip clamp folder, you can use a little bit of gelatin, and then put the wig head cover


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How to maintain wig? Wigs generally do not have special maintenance, each with a hair extensions uk good belt before playing well, especially after the band, the ondon|lush hair extensions curly hair, then every time with a good fight must be good, if the chaos must be hand to separate him to hair extensions online play well or can curl all Comb open, and then hang up or put in clip in hair extensions the original packaging, the wig a little dry, then you can spray a little pure water.