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Adding superiority to the architecture projects and innovation technologies in Pune, Ravetkar Group has been in the business of Real Estate and Construction for more than 30 yrs. Since its commencement, the Group has delivered numerous prominent projects from residential and commercial complexes to resorts, water parks, sugar factories, educational buildings, hostels, and petrol pumps and around Pune city. With the ‘Customer’ at the core of all its endeavors, the Ravetkar brand is enriching cosmoses that radiate a sense of pride and fulfillment among the possessors across the city landscape.


Ravetkar Group, under Ar. Ajit Ravetkar and the flagship brand Shilpalekha Architects, has crafted numerous residential and commercial projects in Pune. With the passion for excellence, the Group wishes to realize inspiring milestones in different fields it ventures into, as it explores newer horizons of growth. As a design-consulting firm, Ravetkar Group worked extensively in the fields of architecture, interior and landscape design. For his project, ‘Angaraj Holiday Resorts and Water Park’, Mr. Ajit Ravetkar received nomination for the ‘Architect of the Year’ award in the Year 1999.


In 2004 Ravetkar Group, under the competent leadership of Mr. Amol Ravetkar, ventured into the business of Information and Technology with help of a few technocrats and established a company by the name ‘M/s. Logic DNA’. In a short span of time, the brand went places and developed a sizable number of clients in the USA, UK, Australia and India.
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