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Leaders in Redevelopment

With abundant expertise in redevelopment and overhaul projects, the Ravetkar Group has built a distinct reputation and name in the redevelopment space. Each of the endeavors, both redevelopment and non-redevelopment, are pursued as fresh starts and complete attention, immense dedication, efforts and energies are employed in making every structure a work of admiration and wonder. With a dependable record of impressive redevelopment projects across prime areas in Pune, Ravetkar Group has earned a reputation amongst elite customers for innovative designs, quality of constructions and pioneering ventures.


At Ravetkar Group, every one comprehends that ‘home is where the heart is’ and hence wholehearted care is taken care of every project, right from inception to execution and delivery. The management and the client liaison team at Ravetkar are zealously involved with the clients as well as the residents from day one of the project. Ensuring that clients settle into their newly redeveloped homes effortlessly and offering a superior personal touch to every individual is central to Ravetkar’s business and philosophy.


Ravetkar Group pursues every redevelopment project as a crystal glass and makes sure that along with the sanctity and exquisiteness of the edifice, every memory associated with the structure is safeguarded and nurtured. By ensuring timely completion and quality delivery every time, Ravetkar Group guarantees hassle-free redevelopment and avoids all possible inconveniences to the occupants. Specializing in offering a smooth transition to the clients from their traditional nest into redeveloped homes, the Ravetkar’s keep their word!


Maintaining transparency in all communications and keeping the stakeholders well informed across all the stages of development, Ravetkar Group testifies the credibility that the brand and the rich legacy promises to offer. In the era of aggressive competition, the biggest appreciation for the Ravetkar’s comes from the smiles of contentment on the faces of their clients, against numbers and profit figures.

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